About us


  Jiaozuo Tianyi Technology Co., LTD. was established in 2006.Land occupation covers 22000㎡.TIANYI has the unique intellectual property of polyimide resin (PI) and core technology.Based on this,we have developed a series of composites. In the field of C grade insulation material,high temperature insulation material and high temperature antistatic material, We’ve made great contribution to promote the upgrade of traditional material and replace imported products.It has applied in high-end new materials field such as military industry,bullet train,electronics and industry equipment. This has demonstrated the superior performance of new materials made in China.

  TIANYI has professional engineering technology center and automatic manufacturing equipment, with standardized management organization and ISO9002 quality management system, and we also implement European Union ROHS standards

  We hold  the commanding heights of technology and market in China.TIANYI has unique market position and qualified for import and export trade and with professional supporting market services in southeast Asian countries.

  Especially in the production of composite material,we are the only one which has technical engineering center and automatic control,and also the only enterprise with the ability to manufacture advanced composite material.We are the unique one which has glass fiber,glass fabric and automatic sensitization of different structure,and with all series of general type,medium type and advance type. We are the only one which is more cost-effective in the competition with oversea top brands. To satisfy international SMT large companies and help choose all kinds of products at all levels. Reasonable cost reduction according to design requirements to maintain quality and stability in the long run, one-stop international purchasing service and other comprehensive demands

TIANYI has three manufacturing centers.

  ●The First Division:High Polymer Material:

  The main product is polyimide (PI) resin powder,polyimide (PI) resin liquid, epoxy curing promotor,mainly applied in the field of Aerospace,defense and superhard material of abrasives ,and also in electronic field of PCB advanced copper clad laminate,advanced composite material and heat insulation board.

  ●The Second Division:Composite Material

  1.C Grade Insulation Laminated Board:It is mainly used in the field of high grade electric appliance of insulation such as aerospace,bullet train,dry-type transformer and electric motors.

  2. High-temperature and anti-static composite material: it is mainly used as pallet material for wave soldering and reflow soldering of SMT process to protect PCB production process from high temperature and pollution.Such as Foxconn、Huawei、Samsung、VIVO\OPPO and other top brand

  Heat Insulation Material:Mainly applied as protective material in the high temperature environment such as semiconductor,heating mold,injection molding machine,vulcanizing machine, thermocompressor, hot runner and high temperature furnace.It has have unique advantages in the field of high temperature materials under 200-400 degrees.

  ●The Third Division:CNC High Precision Processing Division

  We have 10 high-precision carving machines, cooperating with downstream customers to process finished parts.

  Based on the unique advantages of intellectual property rights and technology innovation, TIANYI has kept it up in the filed of new materials and adhere to the spirit of craftsman .We focuses on the polyimide (PI) series in composite material field, and provides the domestic and foreign markets with innovative and upgraded high-tech products and services.